Translated Revelation Overview Diagram

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Purpose to reveal Jesus Christ and things “shortly to come to pass.” You need the word of God to understand. A spiritual book revealing spiritual things, so you need a spiritual mind and heart to understand.

Book of “Sevens” – sent by Christ and the “seven Spirits before the throne of God, to 7 angel messengers of seven churches. “Behold, I come with clouds” ~ Revelation 1

Revelation Overview Diagram - 7 churches bar

Each letter to the churches: started with a description of some characteristic of Christ already spoken of in chapter 1. Told them where they exactly were spiritually. Finally with “what’s coming next” and the exact words: “He that half an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says unto the churches.”

Only the “Lamb slain from the foundation of the Earth” could open the seven seals, by his salvation. ~ Revelation 5th chapter

Revelation Overview Diagram - 7 seals bar

Seven Seals opened ~ Revelation chapters 6 – 8

Seven Trumpets were sounded out as part of the opening of the 7th seal. ~ Revelation chapters 8 – 13

Revelation Overview Diagram - 7 trumpets bar

Those with victory over the beast, and over his image, and over his mark, and over the number of his name, were prepared to pour out the seven vials of wrath. ~ Revelation chapters 14 – 15

Seven Vials of Wrath were poured out as part of the sounding of the 7th Trumpet. ~ Revelation chapter 16

Revelation Overview Diagram - 7 vials bar

  • The spiritual walls fall, and Babylon and the beast are fully exposed in Revelation 17
  • Babylon is completely destroyed in Revelation 18
  • Jesus is crowned king of kings and Lord of lords, then the beast and the false prophet are destroyed in Revelation 19
  • Only the devil is left, then the gospel day story is retold with only Satan opposing the true saints, and the devil is defeated in Revelation 20
  • Jesus’s pure bride, the lambs true wife, clearly revealed in Revelation 21
  • Church reminded: message is for you. Take heed to it! in Revelation 22


                1. Seven letters: locates the church where you are at spiritually
                2. Seven seals, trumpets, vials: battle plan for how to get the church to where she needs to be
                3. Destruction of Babylon and beasts: reveals Jesus Christ clearly on the throne, and reveals a beautiful bride, the church, ready for her husband.

Revelation Overview Diagram

Revelation of Jesus Christ