Roadmap of Revelation

There is a lot to “roadmap” in Revelation, so this is just another high-level summary effort to help us get a better view of the bigger picture.

First, here is one diagram which lays out the entire Revelation message in a high-level roadmap of the progression of the message as you read through the book (a small picture of the same is shown above): Revelation Overview Diagram

Revelation Overview Diagram

If you need this diagram above translated into your preferred language, you can visit this Translated Revelation Overview Diagram page.

Historical Viewpoint of Gospel Day Through Revelation Roadmap:

Secondly, here is a different high-level diagram that displays some of the symbols from Daniel, the Old Testament, and the Revelation, all in a time-progression. Although the symbols of Revelation represent spiritual conditions at any time in history, this chart-diagram places them in a more historical time sequence. The intention is to tell the story of the Gospel Day, by describing when these types of spirits were most prevalent in resisting Jesus Christ, his gospel, and the true people of God. (Click on the image to get a more full size version of the image.)

The historical narrative of the “Gospel Day” (from when Jesus first was on earth, until the end) within Revelation is told seven times, from seven different perspectives. For Revelation is a book of many “sevens”:

  1. From the viewpoint of “where the church was at spiritually” throughout history – the seven churches of Asia (chapters 2 & 3)
  2. From the viewpoint of that which only those washed by the blood of the Lamb can see – the opening of the seven seals (chapters 6 – 8)
  3. From the viewpoint of a ministry anointed to warn God’s people and call them to gather together as one for battle – the seven angels sounding their trumpets (chapters 8 – 11)
  4. From the viewpoint of measuring the temple of God, the altar, and them that worship there – the battle of the two witnesses (the Word and the Spirit) against the deceptions of Satan (chapter 11)
  5. From the viewpoint of the battle between the church and the beasts (chapters 12 & 13)
  6. From the viewpoint of placing final judgement upon the unfaithful harlot, Babylon, and her murderous deception throughout history (chapter 17)
  7. From the viewpoint of God’s throne, and to those who now have been freed from the deception of Babylon and the beast – the true history of the Gospel day! It was just a battle between Satan and God’s people, period. (chapter 20)

Note: for a complete explanation of an historical perspective you can read: “Revelation Historical Timeline”

“The Revelation of Jesus Christ” blog roadmap:

Finally, here is a more sequential (chapter by chapter) “bullet point” roadmap of the Revelation. It contains links to posts on this blog that explain further:

Jesus is fully revealed to John (chapter 1)

  • Who the Revelation message is addressed to
  • What the Revelation message gives record of
  • Message is to be revealed to the 7 churches by the 7 Spirits of God
  • Jesus is revealed as faithful witness
  • Jesus comes to us in the clouds
  • John hears the great gospel trumpet
  • Jesus is revealed to John
  • John is appointed to deliver the message to the seven churches

Jesus lets the seven churches know where they spiritually are at (chapters 2 & 3)

  1. Ephesus you left your first love
  2. Smyrna there are fakes among you and you will suffer
  3. Pergamos, Satan’s seat has been established among you
  4. Thyatira do not honor the false prophetess, Jezebel
  5. Sardis you claim a name, but you are really dead
  6. Philadelphia you have a little strength, but watch out!
  7. Laodicea you think you are rich, but you’re really poor

In the Spirit, John worships around the throne of God (chapters 4)

  • The 24 elders around the throne
  • The seven lamps which are the seven Spirits of God
  • The four living creatures

The Lamb of God is revealed in the throne of God (chapter 5)

  • No one can remove the seals, except the Lamb of God
  • The Lamb has seven eyes which are the seven Spirits of God
  • An innumerable heavenly host is worshiping God and the Lamb

The seven seals are opened by the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ (chapters 6 – 8)

  1. First Seal is opened and we see the white horse rider going forth to conquer – a vision of Christ and his gospel going forth.
  2. Second Seal is opened and we see the red horse rider with a great sword taking away peace – a vision of what happens when men take the Word of God, the sword of the Holy Spirit, out of the control of the Holy Spirit, so they can use the Word for their own advantage.
  3. Third Seal is opened and we see a black horse rider with a scale in his hand – a vision of what happens when preachers hide the full Word of God from the people, giving them barely enough to spiritually survive.
  4. Fourth Seal is opened and we see a gray horse rider with death and hell following – a vision of what happens when the Word of God is corrupted so that leaders can manipulate and control people, or persecute them with it.
  5. Fifth Seal is opened and we see souls under the altar that were slain for their testimony – a vision of the result after the red, black, and gray horse riders have done their work. True Christians have been persecuted and martyred.
  6. Sixth Seal is opened and there was a mighty earthquake – a vision of what happens when a true ministry again preaches the full gospel truth against hypocrisy.
  7. Seventh Seal is opened and there was silence in heaven for half an hour – a vision of a gathering again of God’s true people for a final gospel day battle.

Each of the seven trumpet angels sound their trumpet (chapters 8 – 11)

  1. First Trumpet Angel sounds and one third of trees were burned – revealing what happens to the spiritual filthy rags of self-righteousness, when the gospel is fully preached.
  2. Second Trumpet Angel sounds and a burning mountain is cast into the sea making one third of it blood – revealing what happens when a large religious organization is shown to be actually fallen and corrupted.
  3. Third Trumpet Angel sounds and a star falls from heaven making one third of the flowing waters bitter – revealing what happens when a missionary type of people are shown to have become corrupted, making converts bitter and poisoned against the true gospel.
  4. Fourth Trumpet Angel sounds and one third of the sun, moon, and stars are darkened – revealing what happens when a false ministry corrupts and darkens the teachings of the Bible.
  5. Fifth Trumpet Angel sounds and another star from heaven falls with the key to the bottomless pit – revealing what happens when a fallen ministry opens up the doors for the complete lies of Satan, so that devils can fully work among churches.
  6. Sixth Trumpet Angel sounds and the blood speaks from the golden altar – revealing the blood guiltiness of a ministry that is corrupted.
  7. Seventh Trumpet Angel sounds to announce that all kingdoms belong to God – revealing that God is still in control, and he by his Word and Holy Spirit working within his true people, exposes everything false, and shows the honest souls how to get free.

The beasts are exposed along with the mark of the beast (chapters 12 – 13)

God’s true people are identified and prepared to pour out the vials of God’s wrath (chapters 14 – 15)

The seven vials of the wrath of God are poured out (chapter 16)

  1. First vial is poured out on the earth – judgments of God’s Word against fleshy, sensual and earthly minded people.
  2. Second vial is poured out on the sea – judgments of God’s Word against people who follow whatever the crowd (or religious crowd) does, instead of obeying God.
  3. Third vial is poured out on the rivers and fountains of waters – judgments of God’s Word upon those who preach a corrupt gospel.
  4. Fourth vial is poured out upon the sun – shows the great heat of the judgments of God’s Word when it is preached strong against religious hypocrisy.
  5. Fifth vial is poured out upon the seat of the beast – judgments of God’s Word against the very seat of Satan’s throne and authority in the earth: the hearts of wicked people who love a corrupt gospel.
  6. Sixth vial is poured out on the river Euphrates – shows how that the judgments of God’s Word against religious hypocrisy will dry up they heart flow towards false religion (Babylon) and also expose what a hypocrite actually has in their heart.
  7. Seventh vial is poured out into the air – judgments of God’s Word against all disobedience by exposing the prince of the power of the air, the spirit of disobedience that works in the hearts of individuals.

Spiritual Babylon (religious hypocrisy) is fully exposed (chapter 17)

Spiritual Babylon is completely destroyed (chapter 18)

Jesus is crowned King of kings and Lord of lords and the beast and the false prophet are cast into hell (chapter 19)

Devil’s deceitful work throughout gospel day is fully exposed and he is cast into hell and the final judgement throne is set (chapter 20)

The true bride of Christ, the heavenly Jerusalem is revealed (chapter 21)

The heavenly throne of God is revealed and Jesus Christ gives us his final exhortation and warnings (chapter 22)

Revelation of Jesus Christ