The Dispensationalism Deception


In summary: Dispensationalism is a non-biblical system of belief, inserted into the Bible via the Scofield Reference Bible. In order to grab the attention of people, and to diminish the spiritual influence within the Bible, Dispensationalism literalizes a number of scriptural interpretations, and refutes the power of Jesus Christ to completely deliver people from sin, … Цааш унших

Илчлэлт 20-р бүлэг – Сайн мэдээний түүхийг шууд бичих нь

Сатан хүлэгдсэн

Let us first briefly set the context straight for Revelation chapter 20: First, earlier in Revelation chapter 12, Paganism, in the form of a red dragon representing the open Pagan religions under the Roman empire, is shown persecuting the church. Next, the Roman Catholic beast is shown in Revelation 13, also persecuting Christians. Then after … Цааш унших

Илчлэлт дэх мянган жилийн засаглал 20-р бүлэг

Арслан ба Хурга

The religious modern way of interpreting Revelation chapter 20’s depiction of a 1,000 year reign has been titled many times “the Millennial Reign”. This depiction has had a couple forms, but most of these portray this “millennial reign” as an earthly kingdom of Jesus Christ upon the earth, after the “rapture” of the saints and … Цааш унших

Есүс Христийн илчлэлт