The Beast of Revelation and the Spirit of the Antichrist

Seven Headed Beast of Revelation

When Revelation speaks of evil beasts, is it speaking of kingdoms with the power to rule on earth? Yes. Read it for yourself and it is very evident that the heads and horns of these beasts represent the workings of people in high places of authority and power on earth. It is also very evident … Baca Selengkapnya

Kondisi Gereja Pelacur

misteri Babel dan binatang buas

Kondisi gereja pelacur adalah gereja yang tidak sepenuhnya setia hanya mencintai dan menaati suaminya yang setia. “Mereka ini akan berperang melawan Anak Domba, dan Anak Domba itu akan mengalahkan mereka, karena Dia adalah Tuan di atas segala tuan dan Raja di atas segala raja; dan mereka yang bersama-Nya dipanggil, dipilih, dan setia. Kemudian dia … Baca Selengkapnya

Who Can Expose Spiritual Babylon?

Angel to expose Babylon

“And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:” ~ Revelation 17:1 It takes a messenger/preacher that is anointed with the Holy Spirit to pour out … Baca Selengkapnya

How Does Church Become a Babylon Harlot?

Babylon harlot with her cup

“…I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters: With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.” ~ Revelation 17:1-2 In many places in the scriptures (in both the Old … Baca Selengkapnya

How to See Babylon and the Beast

Whore of Babylon in the wilderness

“So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.” ~ Revelation 17:3 Note the structure of this beast is the same as the red dragon of Revelation 12, and the beast … Baca Selengkapnya

The Deception of the Babylon Harlot

Babylon decked with riches

“And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:” ~ Revelation 17:4 As spoken about in detail in previous posts, this woman named Babylon is a symbolic representation of a … Baca Selengkapnya

The Mystery of the Eighth Beast Fully Exposed

Whore Babylon on eighth beast

“And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns.” ~ Revelation 17:7 In the previous posts I showed how easily one can marvel and be impressed by the deception of … Baca Selengkapnya

Who are the Ten Horns of the Beast of Revelation?

United Nations

In previous posts I have thoroughly described how that the beasts of Revelation represent the collective body of people who are still living fleshly carnal lives of sin. They may be very religious, and they may even call themselves “Christian”, but their nature is fleshly like a beast. They are not living under the direction … Baca Selengkapnya

The Mystery of the Harlot Babylon Fully Exposed

catholic bishops

Earlier in Revelation the 17th chapter, the fake-Christian spirit of the unfaithful harlot Babylon was shown to be sitting upon the waters and upon the beast. This means she exercises control over both. “…Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters: So he carried me … Baca Selengkapnya

Apakah Anda Masih Mengagumi Babel?

misteri Babel dan binatang buas

Yang keempat dari serangkaian pesan di buku: Wahyu Yesus Kristus (file suara podcast) Unduh – Apakah Anda Masih Mengagumi Babel? – Idaho 5-2012 (Catatan: ketika Anda mendapatkan pesan "File melebihi ukuran maksimum yang kami pindai. Tetap unduh" Anda harus mengklik tautan "Unduh tetap" ... Baca Selengkapnya

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